Another Cheap Trick

Yesterday we had another meeting at the site with the AGM. I met surendra who apprised me on the registration process. Finally after giving in to RHDPL's demand and signing the agreement Mr. KK of RHDPL got everyone to the registrar's office for getting the flats registered. It turned out that RHDPL had another cheap trick up their sleeves. I don't know how it exactly happened, but they got another paper slipped in the agreement which was signed by RHDPL and the flat owners. It was done so stealthily that most of the owners could not even detect the anamoly. And those who realized the trick, didn't really have time to go through the extra page. But still if they would have read it what could they do ?

All the other's are signing the paper and nobody likes to be singled out. Even if he wants to raise his voice for his own good. This reminds me of an article i read long time ago by Subroto Bagchi. It said, how we Indians find it easy to do things in a group. If one of us is singled out and asked for an individual opinion, we would rather give a group opinion with proper disclaimers.

How much can one put up with such behavior ? It just seems that RHDPL is testing the waters and checking if we would resent. The moment it see's we don't resent, it pulls up another trick. When they see that we have not even resented to that trick, they bring another one, until we are striped of all our rights to the apartment complex.

The extra clause that RHDPL has added was something to the affect of the land owner having the right of passage to the driveway that is being built for the flat owners. The owner of the land on which the apartment complex is being constructed stay's adjacent to the apartment complex. He must have had some understanding with RHDPL to allow him to use our complex's facilities even though he does not own an apartment. RHDPL wouldn't mind acceding to it's demand. All it has to do is to cheat us once again. And we who no longer mind getting stripped again would happily accept the demand.

I am seriously considering pulling out of this project. The tax implication's would be rather heavy if i plan to sell my house immediately. So i may not be able to sell it off immediately. But let's see how the project turns out.

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One Response to Another Cheap Trick

  1. Lakshmi says:

    First, I’m so flattered you cared to read all dat stuff I write. Thanks.
    Second, I guess I’ll start checking myself now, on what I say..I got such cold feet when Ankit and Himanshu found the blog, I almost thought of changing the url.. Then I figured that would be stupid coz if I want to shamelessly advertise it on Orkut, what else do I expct? 😀 Now its like if I say good things that might be taken for flattery and if I say bad things that would be bitching bout colleagues in public 😀 paranoind maybe but thats my middle name(all said I dont write much bout work, so its pretty ok)
    Third, (bout the theatre group)sit around and do nothing, sound just like my kind of thing. I’m in. On a more serious note, I think we can all make it work if we put our mind to it.
    Fourth, Mahindra holiday didn’t work out. Turns out child marriage is still illegal in India and the husbant of the pair has to atleast be 27. Thats one of the payoffs of marrying a poor young fellow who should otherwise be hanging around drinking beer with friends. :))
    This is becoming such a long comment, and I’m just about stopping to make sense.

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